Make palm oil small again!

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn the last blog posts about palm oil, we gave you some insights about the huge impact of this material in our daily lives and told you about the problems. It is crucial to overthink our consumption and to try to use products with no palm oil – or plant-based oils in general, as the […]

Climate week on the UBT campus

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt’s climate week on the Bayreuth University campus! There will be different activities all related to climate and environment in the next days. If you are interested in making a difference, how to contribute to a better world or just in the topic in general, you should better not miss this opportunity. For more information, […]

Inside a German Organization of Nature Conservation

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe Landesnaturschutzverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. (LNV) In Baden-Württemberg, one of the 16 German states, there are 3 large nature conservation organizations: the BUND, the NABU and the LNV. LNV is an umbrella organization with 33 member organizations including nature conservation organizations, fishing, hunting and hiking organizations. “Sometimes there are conflicts between freetime activities like mountain biking, […]

And there goes Maya the Bee…

Reading Time: 3 minutesSuddenly, you find yourself in a desert. It is a huge desert, dusty, hot, without anything to eat or drink. There is no store, nothing to provide you with food. You realize – if you cannot find anything very soon, you’ll starve. There! In the distance you can see a huge neon sign. With your […]

Germany is not as clean as it pretends to be

Reading Time: 3 minutesCountless rags are seaming the sides of the grey asphalt. Blue, white, transparent shimmery, paper rags, pieces of plastic bags, juice cartons and plastic straws. Kilometre after kilometre, it seems to be endless. The scene could be in a developing country where there is no such thing as a proper disposal of waste. But it […]

Earth Day – Time to Act

Reading Time: 1 minuteWe live on the soil she gives us, We breath the air she provides, We eat the fruits from the fields and trees around us. And yet, we take her for granted.   She satisfies our thirst for water, She eases us with a light rustling of green leaves when we are out of balance, […]

Ecopotential – Insights to an EU-funded project

Reading Time: 3 minutesAbout three weeks ago, researchers and specialist from all over Europe came to Burg Rabenstein, a castle in the heart of Franconia. The reason for this encounter was Ecopotential, an EU-funded project that has the aim to monitor European ecosystem services through Earth observation, using satellite imagery and remote sensing. Ecopotential focusses on protected areas […]