Closing Day at #COP21: Unfinished?

As the information stands of the various organisations and nations were taken down today at the Climate Generations Area at #COP21, a feeling seemed to linger in the air. Looking back at all the excitement and hype surrounding the start of the conference as well as the December 11th, 6 p.m. deadline, we can’t help feeling, […]

Short update – day 12

That was to be expected. Due to remaining issues in the agreements the negotiations will continue and long hours of further debates are expected. A reliable source told us this morning that we should not expect any further official meetings until tomorrow (earliest midday), so (most likely) we will unfortunately not be able to physically […]

Negotiating CDM-practices – PART 1….

The outcome of the last (many many hours) of negotiations as basis: DRAFT TEXT On CMP 11 agenda item 4 Issues relating to the clean development mechanism Version 2 of 5 December 2015 at 18:00 …… [Requests the Executive Board to explore synergies between CDM and other market mechanisms and carbon pricing instruments to ensure […]

COP21-The second week

When we arrived to Paris at the beginning of this week, negotiating texts had been prepared for ministers and all options are on the table. Out of these options, two very different deals can be highlighted. First, the so-called no-regrets deal, which aims to keep warming to 1.5°C and second, the ‘minimalist deal’ or more […]

Connecting #COP21 and the general public

Apart from the actual negotiations and the side events organised by NGOs, parties and other organisations that are all restricted to accredited visitors (delegations, observers, press), #COP21 offers two spaces that are accessible to the general public. Without the dreadful events of 13 November, these spaces would have been an opportunity for Parisian school classes […]