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Hello! Hallo! Hola! Salut!

Welcome dear reader on the GCE blog! We are Carla Madueño, Khalil Teber, Leonie Fößel and Valentin Lang –  students from the University of Bayreuth – and members of the GCE Blog Team. We are the ones in charge of the redaction, proofreading and publishing of the blog entries.

Once started by Alumni of the Global Change Ecology M.Sc Program, the current Blog Team now continues the task of sharing sustainability content on the blog and reaching out to a broader audience!

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Carla Madueño


Leonie Fößel

Valentin Lang

Khalil Teber

Shoot us an email here: gceblog.bayreuth@gmail.com, we are happy to welcome drafts from interested guest authors 😉


Previous members of the GCE Blog Team:

Katharina Funk (2017 – 2019)