And there goes Maya the Bee…

Suddenly, you find yourself in a desert. It is a huge desert, dusty, hot, without anything to eat or drink. There is no store, nothing to provide you with food. You realize – if you cannot find anything very soon, you’ll starve. There! In the distance you can see a huge neon sign. With your […]

Earth Day – Time to Act

We live on the soil she gives us, We breath the air she provides, We eat the fruits from the fields and trees around us. And yet, we take her for granted.   She satisfies our thirst for water, She eases us with a light rustling of green leaves when we are out of balance, […]

Ecopotential – Insights to an EU-funded project

About three weeks ago, researchers and specialist from all over Europe came to Burg Rabenstein, a castle in the heart of Franconia. The reason for this encounter was Ecopotential, an EU-funded project that has the aim to monitor European ecosystem services through Earth observation, using satellite imagery and remote sensing. Ecopotential focusses on protected areas […]

Cross-country skiing and coping with the cold: 11th Jyväskylä Winter School of Ecology

Three GCE students attended the 11th Jyväskylä Winter School of Ecology organized by the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) from 12. -23.02.2018. In the first week, the wild life in the deep snow was studied as part of the topic boreal ecology. This included, besides the structure of snow and a general overview, also important topics […]

Global Development Goals in Jeopardy

A few days ago, the 6th plenary meeting of IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) ended in Medellin, Colombia, where the regional assessments of biodiversity and ecosystem services for Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Central Asia were approved. The extensively peer-reviewed reports are providing answers for the questions: Why is biodiversity […]