Blog Journal: Heading north

After two nights in the relatively clean and quiet Windhoek, I was looking forward to seeing the rest of the country. And lo! Suddenly, dusty Savannah as far as the eye can see. The dry grass was gleaming golden in the sunlight, many leafless and dried out bushes and trees were growing on each side […]

Thank you for the rain

By: Birgit Thies and Katharina Funk „If you could act, but you don’t, the whole world will hold you responsible. That’s why I give my best.”    – Kisilu Musya In November 2017, the climate of our planet Earth was all over in the media: The “Conference of the Parties” (COP23) took place in Bonn, […]

GCE Summerfete 2018

It is a warm and quiet afternoon in summer. Bees are busing themselves in the Ecological Botanical Garden in Bayreuth and an occasional breeze ripples the lush green leaves. But then – more and more people make their way through the Ecological Botanical Garden, around the Mediterranean greenhouses, over the sandy area outside, carrying bowls […]