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The following members of the GCE study program are currently contributing to this blog:

Yana BallingYana Balling

I am living in Heidelberg at the moment, working in the field of environmental planning. I am interested in international collaborations and marine conservation.

Kiely DohertyKiely Doherty

Global Change Ecology M.Sc student
University of Bayreuth, Germany

Jan-Christopher FischerJan-Christopher Fischer

Coming from the field of environmental science, I am about to complete my academical education with the Master of Science in Global Change Ecology. I gained some work experience in international project work and have a special interest in marine ecosystems.

Leonie FößelLeonie Fößel

Originally coming from Germany but I left parts of my heart in different parts of the world. I aim to be an environmental journalist in a future not too far away. Right now I am doing my masters in Environmental Geography in Bayreuth. With my work I hope that I can change something in the world and in the people - making this wonderful planet a better place is my ambition. Being surrounded by pristine nature is what makes me the happiest.

Katharina FunkKatharina Funk

I joined the Master's program "Global Change Ecology" in 2016, studying additionally environmental law. My Bachelor's programm was "Integrated Life Sciences" in Erlangen, Germany. My main interests are climate policy, sustainability, environmental ethics and social-ecological systems.

Farina HoffmanFarina Hoffman

I am a second year Master's student of "Global Change Ecology". Together with two other classmates, I organized the exhibit at the Bonn zone of COP 23. My special interest liesin the field of planetary boundarie, women's rights and the underlying philosophical questions.

Steve Kwatcho KengdoSteve Kwatcho Kengdo

I have experience on measuring GHGs fluxes in the Congo Basin. I joined the GCE program in 2015 and i am now working on N cycling in alpine and pre-alpine grassland soils in Southern Germany.

Carla Madueño FlorianCarla Madueño Florian

Peruvian Biologist graduated at the LMU Munich, with great interest in Latinamerican Conservation and Tropical Biodiversity. Youth Ambassador 2018 by Global Landscapes Forum, happy to share my insights with the GCE Blog!

Alicia Medina ValdiviezoAlicia Medina Valdiviezo

I am an Environmental Engineer. Once I have been on the dark side, but since I refound my vocation, I would like to do something meaningful to deal with the current biggest problem over the world: Climate Change... especially, for and with the most vulnerable people and ecosystems. Since I have started at GCE in October 2016, I understood much better the key role of nature as an ally in this challenge.

Lilith MusinianLilith Musinian

Guest Author. Armenian student majoring in Agribusiness, additionally working on USAID PEER project Long-term goals: Specialized in Economic Development and Environmental Protection.

Nikunj PathakNikunj Pathak

I studied Chemistry and Environmental Sciences before starting Global Change Ecology in October 2016. I have worked with rural and urban communities in India on the problem of drinking water quality and sanitation.I like writing poems,articles and short stories. My aim is to communicate the knowledge on critical environmental problems through creative writing.

Judith SchepersJudith Schepers

In my bachelors I studied Bio-Geo-Science in Jena. 2016 I started GCE and my interest is the influence of global change on ecology.

Claudia SteinackerClaudia Steinacker

After studying Geography in my Bachelors, I am within the Global Change Ecology program since 2015. My focus of interest is nature conservation, remote sensing and human-environment interactions. Therefore, I have specialized in the interface between social and natural sciences.

Christian WohlfahrtChristian Wohlfahrt

I graduated GCE in 2013. Since then I have been working at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the Department Land Surface Dynamics first as a PhD Student and now as PostDoc. My personal endeavour is to understand Global Environmental Change processes using multi-sensor remote sensing data.

Romesh Kumar YadavRomesh Kumar Yadav

My aim is to work for the betterment of the Environment by every means! I, thus embarked on my academic career through Environmental Sciences in my Bachelor & Global Change Ecology (GCE) in Master studies. Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Climate Smart Technologies, Food Security, Freshwater Ecology, Wildlife Conservation etc. are some of the topics that I am interested on.

Barbara ZennaroBarbara Zennaro

I am an oceanographer, landed in Germany for love. Following my passion for the environment, I joined the University of Bayreuth, where I am currently focusing on biogeography and global change ecology.