“I want to reward companies with a good impact”

Reading Time: 6 minutesIt requires a little luck and steadiness to reach Benjamin Von Wong. And it also requires a lot of organizational talent regarding the time difference between Germany and the US west coast. But when we finally “meet” via Skype, the 31-year-old photographer is a very interesting and dedicated interview partner and not really what one […]

Experiment: Tracking down palm oil

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn my last article, I wrote about palm oil and the problems with this substance found almost everywhere. Instead of only writing about the problems I decided to take action and have a closer look at how palm oil is influencing my daily life. So, let’s begin with the facts. To find out when I […]

The price for soft skin and a sweet breakfast

Reading Time: 3 minutesSmoke swells from the thick, green canopy of Indonesian rainforests. Orphaned orangutans cry for their mothers who were killed in the bush fires. Local inhabitants, children, women, men are inhaling the yellow swaths, only protected by dirty, once white masks; the air is filled with almost invisible particles of ashes coming from the burning forests. […]

How does the new German government affect climate policies?

Reading Time: 3 minutesFinally, we have certainty: After months and months of negotiations, hope, disappointments and lots of discussions, Germany has a new government! But what does this mean for the German climate politics? The green party „Die Grünen“ was not able to join the government after the surprising drop-out of the FDP (free democratic party) and the […]

Book recommendation: The history of bees

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt has been a long time since a book has moved and touched me in such a way as “The history of bees” did. With this novel, the Norwegian author Maja Lunde has created a wonderful piece of art, she found just the right words to show us how much we depend on the little, […]