Earth Day – Time to Act

We live on the soil she gives us,

We breath the air she provides,

We eat the fruits from the fields and trees around us.

And yet, we take her for granted.


She satisfies our thirst for water,

She eases us with a light rustling of green leaves when we are out of balance,

She consoles us with salty air when our hearts lust for freedom,

And yet, we take her for granted.


We heist her most precious treasures,

We spill her veins with dirty oil,

We poison her oceans with deadly plastics,

You see? We take her for granted.


She will, at some point, not longer, forgive us

The crimes and harms we throw upon her.

She will, one day, not longer, hold her anger

And show us how small and dependent we are.

She will, soon enough, unleash her forces

To conquer back her dignity and pride.


We can still change the fortune ahead,

We can still act and become better in treating our Mother,

We can still make up for our mistakes of the past

And not take her for granted no more.


Today on her day, we don’t take her for granted.

Let’s make everyday like today.

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