COP21 - 2015

Negotiating CDM-practices – PART 1….

The outcome of the last (many many hours) of negotiations as basis:



CMP 11 agenda item 4

Issues relating to the clean development mechanism

Version 2 of 5 December 2015 at 18:00


  1. [Requests the Executive Board to explore synergies between CDM and other market mechanisms and carbon pricing instruments to ensure the cost-efficient use of resources, coherence of market instruments and the avoidance of double counting, in particular regarding infrastructure and technical arrangements, tools, governance structures and processes;]
  1.  [Requests the Executive Board to prepare an analysis of the role of the CDM as mitigation tool beyond 2020, links and interactions with other tools and to forward recommendations for consideration by the SBI at its forty-forth session;]
  1.  [Requests the Executive Board to explore synergies between CDM and international climate finance institutions [to foster the use of the CDM.] [by using CDM or part of its methodological standards, including MRV];]
  1. [(alternative to 11-13) Requests the EB to expedite efforts to encourage interested stakeholders to nurture the demand of the CDM and CERs.]


  1. [Encourages the Executive Board to [move ahead] [continue] with the development of a [methodological digitization tool for automatic generation of project and programme design document] [digitized methodology-specific design document forms][web-based system for supporting CDM project activities];


And tomorrow you will see how the negotiations went on this tiny little text 🙂

    – Alexandra Bell, Moses Duguru and Stephanie Schmid
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