COP21 - 2015

Closing Day at #COP21: Unfinished?

As the information stands of the various organisations and nations were taken down today at the Climate Generations Area at #COP21, a feeling seemed to linger in the air. Looking back at all the excitement and hype surrounding the start of the conference as well as the December 11th, 6 p.m. deadline, we can’t help feeling, as we are urged to board the bus to Le Bourget, that something is unfinished.

Some of have spent two weeks here, officially observing, and pushing towards a climate agreement that will ensure action. Yet we all leave now, unsure about the actual outcome of all of the hard work that has gone into every part of this conference. Has the entire purpose of this colossal conference been met?

The icebergs melt in front of the Panthéon, Dec. 11th
The icebergs melt in front of the Panthéon, Dec. 11th

Just as the icebergs in front of the Panthéon in Paris have yet to melt, so to have the climate talks yet to reach their final agreement. Here is to hope for tomorrow, hope for a climate agreement that will fulfill demands of all parties and include the aspects of loss and damage, sound finance, the 1.5 degree target, human rights, the role and rights of women and the young and future generations and so much more in as short a text as possible.

-Daniela Kretz

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