COP21 - 2015

Short update – day 12

That was to be expected. Due to remaining issues in the agreements the negotiations will continue and long hours of further debates are expected. A reliable source told us this morning that we should not expect any further official meetings until tomorrow (earliest midday), so (most likely) we will unfortunately not be able to physically attend the final meetings. One of the pressing problems that remain are related to the rights of indigenous people. At the press conference of International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC) the plenary group raised their voice to address their fear and disappointment that the Paris agreement is diminishing the rights of their people. In their opinion, a limit of 1.5 ºC is a necessity for their survival and any other agreement is unacceptable for them. They stated that the agreement has to respect and assure the rights, the knowledge and experience of indigenous people, otherwise they will not support the Paris agreement. The atmosphere at the COP21 is definitely heating up and we have some interesting hours ahead of us..

– Alexandra Bell

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