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M.Sc. Global Change Ecology, University of Bayreuth, Germany – Application open until June 15th 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to advertise the application deadline this summer for an attractive and intense international MSc study program in Global Change Ecology at the University of Bayreuth in Germany. Either you in person or bachelor students and graduates around may be interested in this qualification.

The program is devoted to understanding and analyzing the most important and consequential environmental concern of the 21st century; namely, the ecological consequences of Global Change, especially the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. One of the program’s focus is the linking of natural science and socio-economic perspectives. The international program is realized in close contact with research institutions, NGOs and companies and administration. Our study program has been acknowledged by the United Nations as an observer organization. During the last years, we received applications from more than 70 countries.

Teaching language is in English. There is no application fee and accepted candidates do not have to pay tuition fees.

Applicants from any academic background that is related to the scope of this study program are welcome to apply. Applications can be uploaded on the Online Application portal.

The deadline is 15th of June 2021. Please check the link below for application details.


We encourage and appreciate you to disseminate this information! Our coordinators will be happy to assist candidates in their application if something is unclear.

Best wishes,

Carl Beierkuhnlein
Head of the graduate program (M.Sc.) “Global Change Ecology” (within the Elite Network of Bavaria)

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