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GCE Alumni (8): Climate journalist for “Tagesspiegel”

The master´s programme “Global Change Ecology” (GCE) started in 2006. Since that time, some GCE students have already completed their Master´s degree.
We are interested to know what has been happening in the lives of our former GCE students. A few GCE alumni told us about GCE and how their careers have continued after they had finished the master´s programme.
The eight one in our series is Nora Marie Zaremba, who was born in Germany and started to study GCE in 2015:

Why did you decide to study GCE?
I wanted to study the intersection between economy and environment. 

What did you like most about GCE?
Small classes, students from all over the world, interesting topics, practical experiences.

How has your career continued after GCE?
I went to Leipzig to work with the UFZ for one year, but as I have always been a journalist, I began to focus on energy and climate journalism.

What is your current position? What are your tasks?
Today, I work for the “Tagesspiegel”, a newspaper in Berlin, where I am part of “Tagesspiegel Background Energie & Klima”, a daily newsletter that informs ministries, companies, institutions and associations about latest developments in energy and climate politics. 

How has GCE supported your career?
When I graduated I felt that GCE prepared me well to work at the intersection between economy and ecocology. 

What do you recommend to the current GCE students?
It is a profound study program with small classes and encouraging professors.

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