Wishing you a merry Christmas: A Winter Poem

The pulse that brings life

The beginning of the world

A life-changing decision

The start of a new season


I see nature enduring winter

With the beauty of the snow

The lost leaves in Autumn

Leading to future growth


It’s a time to hibernate

And a time to reflect

Moment to celebrate

And smiles to be shared


As the Helleborus niger sprouts

Let’s remember of our world

A gift to all of us

To protect, care and love


Each season is important

Every life and every act

Cherish every single day

Every dawn and every breath

Everton Souza da Silva

Author: Everton Souza da Silva

I am positive minded person who believes that all of us can make a difference in this world. I come from Brazil to study Global Change Ecology at Uni Bayreuth in Germany and I am interested in conservation, geoprocessing, remote sensing and research. I have a bachelor in Sanitation and Environmental Engineering and I am an artist in my free time.
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