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NGOs walking out of COP

Reading Time: 1 minuteAt lunch time today, several NGOs partnered up and “walked out” of COP19. They express their disappointment by the unsuccessful negotiations. Instead of wasting their time at the climate talks here in Warsaw, they will focus on mobilising people to push their governments to take serious climate action. This action has attracted a lot of […]

Ministers at COP, but still no progress in negotiations

Reading Time: 1 minuteThese days quite a few ministers are around at COP. Altmaier, the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, came yesterday for a total of 6 hours to Warsaw. In his speech at the plenary he praised German efforts in providing funding for developed countries. s and affirmed their funding commitments. […]

Germany and Indonesia presenting themselves at COP19 – similar and different at the same time

Reading Time: 1 minuteIn the many different side events, there are also plenty sessions organised by countries. Germany, for example, had a side event about the “Energiewende”, while Indonesia hosted one on “Securing a Low Carbon Future”. The two events had in common that the countries praised themselves for the efforts they are undertaking to reduce greenhouse gas […]

Between doubt and hope at COP19

Reading Time: 2 minutesDay 2 at the COP – we’re less confused and more organised than we were yesterday. We pick the side events we find interesting, meet with other youth organisations, plan a meeting with members of the German parliament for tomorrow. Furthermore, it’s gender day today – calling to keep striving for gender balance in the […]

Polluter pays principle at the climate conference – GCE at the COP 19 in Warsaw

Reading Time: 2 minutesYesterday was our scientific day: we joined different side-events mainly organized by non governmental organizations and research institutions aiming on giving decision makers backgrounds of discussed topics. We finished up the day with an event organized by Central American countries about loss and damage. Developing countries suffer more from negative effects of climate change than […]