National interests cause tension while revising the African Regional Assessment

On Thursday, the 15th of January 2015, after the plenary meeting, the delegates divided into their regional groups (e.g. Americas, Europe, Africa) to draft the regional assessments of biodiversity and ecosystem services. I was particularly interested in hearing African points of view, since I know Africa contains many biomes and high biodiversity, but its climate […]

GCE at IPBES-3: An enthusiastic delegation of Observers arrives in Bonn!

In GCE, we talk a lot about the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and how frustrating it is that these issues are often not prioritized in international politics. Yet, as students, we too have difficulties finding time to prioritize actual engagement with these issues while also juggling extra courses, guest lectures, and research. But […]

NGOs walking out of COP

At lunch time today, several NGOs partnered up and “walked out” of COP19. They express their disappointment by the unsuccessful negotiations. Instead of wasting their time at the climate talks here in Warsaw, they will focus on mobilising people to push their governments to take serious climate action. This action has attracted a lot of […]

Germany and Indonesia presenting themselves at COP19 – similar and different at the same time

In the many different side events, there are also plenty sessions organised by countries. Germany, for example, had a side event about the “Energiewende”, while Indonesia hosted one on “Securing a Low Carbon Future”. The two events had in common that the countries praised themselves for the efforts they are undertaking to reduce greenhouse gas […]