“I just don’t see the case for pessimism.” – Interview with Prof. Heath Part 1

Climate change will have a serious impact on humans – our generation and the generations to come. Have we just borrowed the earth from future generations?  Do we have an obligation to hand over the world unharmed to our children and grandchildren? To answer these questions, Prof. Joseph Heath, professor of philosophy from the University […]

And there goes Maya the Bee…

Suddenly, you find yourself in a desert. It is a huge desert, dusty, hot, without anything to eat or drink. There is no store, nothing to provide you with food. You realize – if you cannot find anything very soon, you’ll starve. There! In the distance you can see a huge neon sign. With your […]

The price for soft skin and a sweet breakfast

Smoke swells from the thick, green canopy of Indonesian rainforests. Orphaned orangutans cry for their mothers who were killed in the bush fires. Local inhabitants, children, women, men are inhaling the yellow swaths, only protected by dirty, once white masks; the air is filled with almost invisible particles of ashes coming from the burning forests. […]