COP23: “Science is not negotiable”

Reading Time: 3 minutesBy: Claudia Steinacker After yesterday’s touching opening ceremony, which was enriched by performances by children and indigenous Fijian people as well as motivating speeches, the second day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2017 continued with the central agenda: preparing the implementation of the Paris Agreement. First, some good news: observers are generally welcome […]

COP23: “Nothing about us, without us” – Guaranteeing rights & gender equality

Reading Time: 2 minutesBy: Farina Hoffmann Organised by CARE International (Sven Harmeling), Center for International Environmental Law – CIEL (Sebastian Duyck), Women’s Environment and Development Organization – WEDO (Bridget Burns) The Guaranteeing Rights & Gender Equality side event, organized by CARE International, invited a panel of four speakers to debate about human rights as well as gender implications […]

COP23: “Save the world”

Reading Time: 2 minutesBy: Barbara Zennaro In 1992, during the Earth summit in Rio de Janeiro, a 12 year old girl gave a speech “for all the generation to come,” telling the present leaders: “ We are your own children. You are deciding what kind of world we will grow up in … Are we even on your […]