COP23 - 2017

COP23: Ready to play a game of Jenga?

Welcome to our GCE Exhibition Booth!

By: Katharina Funk

After weeks of planning, organising and waiting, the COP23 has finally begun! 19 GCE students have made their way from Bayreuth to Bonn for the first week of the climate conference and another 19 will come for the second week. They will participate in side events, negotiations, and – most importantly – will be also present at the GCE exhibition booth, to be found at the upper floor, above the cafeteria, number G.02.03., to inform about the scope and content of their Master’s program.

Let’s play a game of Jenga!

Beside detailed information about GCE and neatly arranged picture frames with QR codes is the heart of the booth: a giant game of Jenga, the bricks of which are labeled with the key components of the study. As the visual display suggests, the individual components of this study program build upon each other and everything is interconnected. “Mentoring” supports “International Students” and “Biodiversity” stands alongside “Interdisciplinary”.  Together, the bricks create a stable, well-built tower; a symbol of the Global Change Ecology Master’s Program.

Can you remove the “Elite Study Program”? Or maybe “Climate Impacts?”  How important is “Sustainable Development” in this construction? We welcome you to visit us at our booth and find out how much you can remove before everything collapses!

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