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COP23: Latin America adapts to climate change

By: Carla Madueño Florian

Event Date: Monday 13th November , 2017

Location: German Pavillion, Bonn Zone, Freizeitpark Rheinaue

Today I attended a panel discussion on the Peruvian case of Climate Change adaptation, with invited speakers from the Chilean and Ecuadorian Governments.

Latinamerican Importance for COP

Latin America is a highly biodiverse region and on the socioeconomic level also very vulnerable to Climate Change impacts. El Niño among other climatic processes in change are impacting the economic productivity and human security of communities and Cities living across the Latinamerican Pacific coast.

With this economic and political backhground, three countries: Chile, Peru and Ecuador presented today the national measurements these neighbours are undertaking in order to adapt towards a changing climate.

These efforts are of special relevance for COP23, as these countries have started multisectorial approaches to combat Climate Change with a top-down strategy.

Main Outcomes

Alfonso Galarce from the Chilean Climate Change Division, highlighted very concrete and Down-to-Earth Chilean initiatives to Combat Climate Change, i.e. making the Paris Agreement a National and Constitutional Law, promotion of Carbon markets and associated financial mechanisms and the innovative perspective of the country to achieve Energy transition by 2050 with 90% of their energetic supply to become renewable.

Alfonso Galarce – German Pavillion 13.11.17

Elsa Galarza, Peruvian Minister of Environment,  presented the multisectorial strategy launched together with other 12 Peruvian ministeries (Energy, Agricututre, Fishing, Housing, Transport, etc) to come up with an strategic plan to combat Climate Change from all possible governmental areas. Initiatives presented where cleaner transport systems in the the main City (Lima), as well as the Ministry’s partnership with Global Fishing Watch to guarantee transparency and sustainability in the peruvian fishing industry.

Elsa Galarza – German Pavillion 13.11.17

My perspective

The audience and myself celebrated the strong, strategic, transparent and concrete steps Chile is undertaking to combat Climate Change. The top-down approach and the clarity in their environment policies can only strenghthen the Global Climate Action urgently needed, not only from the most polluting countries, but also from the emerging economies of Latin America and the Global South.

Much more join effort is needed. #COP23 #ClimateAction #LessSweetTalk

More infos:

German Pavillion schedule

Panelists: Tarsicio Granizo (Minister of Environment of Ecuador), Philipp Knill (BMZ, Germany), Alfonso Galarce (Ministry of the Environment of Chile), Miriam Morales (Ministry of Transport and Communications, Peru), Pedro Herrera (Ministry of Economy and Finance, Peru), Pedro Belber (Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Peru)





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