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World Conference Center Bonn, a venerable venue for this event that links what has been achieved in Paris to what will be worked on in Marrakesh. Delegates negotiating about LULUCF (land use, land use change and climate) have a beautiful view on what they are to preserve: the chestnut trees outside in turn are gently wondering about how much the “summit of creation” inside the conference center can debate about WORDS. And while those having a political mandate struggle whether include or not “complete” into the text, the tranquilizing clicking sounds of the typing rest fills the room. Calm discussions are only structured by periodical sounds of incoming text messages.


Author: gcecologist

Global Change Ecology M.Sc. is devoted to understanding and analyzing the most important and consequential environmental concern of the 21st century; namely, Global Change. Problems of an entirely new and interdisciplinary nature require the establishment of innovative approaches in research and education. A special program focus is the linking of natural science perspectives on global change with approaches in social science disciplines.

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