The 1.5 degree target and the most vulnerable countries – Awarded!

The ambitious target of max. 1.5 degree temperature increase was called for by the Climate Vulnerable Forum on Monday and Tuesday. In their decision, they commit to 100 % renewable energy and zero emissions by 2050. Total decarbonisation is a goal which, among others, the G7 want to reach only by the end of the century. The Climate Vulnerable Forum comprises of some of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. This group of the 43 most vulnerable countries is already facing the impacts of climate change – for them the 2 degree target is not enough. Of these countries, many are also amongst the least developed but still show higher ambitions than many developed countries in reducing their emissions.

#FossiloftheDay being presented by the Climate Action Network, awarded daily at 6:00 p.m.
#FossiloftheDay being presented by the Climate Action Network, awarded daily at 6:00 p.m.

Yesterday, the Climate Vulnerable Forum received the Ray of the Day Award for its decision. This award is presented daily by the CAN, the Climate Action Network which is a worldwide network of NGOs. Usually they present the so-called Fossil of the Day, so the least-contributing party in the negotiations on that particular day (the “progress-blockers”). However, if negotiations are going well, they present the Ray of the Day – a ray of sunshine and hope in the negotiation process!

We’re looking forward to the next presentation of the Fossil of the Day 😉

-Veronika Abraham

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