Ministers at COP, but still no progress in negotiations

These days quite a few ministers are around at COP. Altmaier, the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, came yesterday for a total of 6 hours to Warsaw. In his speech at the plenary he praised German efforts in providing funding for developed countries. s and affirmed their funding commitments. The delegate of Fiji stressed that this funding is mainly going into mitigation efforts and urged developed countries to commit more funds for adaptation because countries are already suffering from severe effects of climate change.

Negotiations go on until late at night, and negotiators look really tired. The same holds true for representatives of NGOs who follow the negotiations, stay up until late and plan actions to urge delegates to come to a successful end of the COP that will set the path for the next two COPs in Lima and Paris. Unfortunately most people are very sceptical that this will achieved here in Warsaw.

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